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Automatic Scuttle Submitter is a powerful social bookmarking software designed to speed-up
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26 February 2015

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Automatic Scuttle Submitter 1.6 is an automatic social bookmarking application that supports submitting your domains to numerous Scuttle websites. The program skillfully creates different accounts and bookmarks websites automatically and even extracts Meta tags for every URL. It functions in background silently to perform the submission without interrupting the user’s work. Unlike various other submission tools allowing you to submit domains to a limited count of social sites, the application enables adding your websites to list. Further, this utility supports promoting unlimited domains, numerous social accounts; various proxy servers; and comprises of several advanced features for making social bookmarks. Even, the social accounts can easily be rotated randomly for every submission. By submitting your domain, you can increase traffic and get high search engine ranking to gain popularity for your website and earn more profits.

Automatic Scuttle Submitter allows the submitting of domains to various Scuttle websites using intuitive interface. With the application, you can use various features available for managing the elements concerning domain submission Among these, the Domains Managements segment allows you to add new domains, manage existing domains, and view the submitted domains; where as Accounts Management supports adding and registering new accounts, and managing existing social accounts. Further, you can add new and manage existing scuttle websites through Scuttle Sites Managements, and for managing the tags utilized for bookmarking or activating automatic tags with Tags Management. For supporting the submission process you can also add new and edit the available proxy servers utilized for bookmarking using Porxy Management functions. In addition, it also allows you to import and export social accounts, promoted domains, and scuttle websites. Moreover, to let you control the program functioning, you’re provided Software Settings and Administrator Settings.

With the Automatic Scuttle Submitter application you needn’t worry about submitting your domain to large number of Scuttle websites. Since, the application features an extensive set of options along with displaying flawless performance; it receives a score of 4.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Automatic Scuttle Submitter is a powerful social bookmarking software designed to speed-up website indexing, improve search engine rankings, and drive more targeted traffic to your pages by submitting your domains to a virtually unlimited number of bookmarking sites powered by Scuttle script.
Scuttle social bookmarking tool supports all versions of Scuttle, SemanticScuttle, and Scuttle Plus scripts and offers full automation; it can submit an unlimited number of domains, register an unlimited number of user accounts on Scuttle sites, decode captchas, parse and spin meta tags, verify existing domains, establish secure proxy connections, randomly resubmit old pages, generate detailed reports, and more... on autopilot!
An intuitive user interface allows new webmasters to use Scuttle bookmarking software with ease, while many extra modules and advanced features make the application suitable for expert webmasters who are not satisfied with other products in the market and seek a more effective way to boost their traffic.
Automatic Scuttle Submitter
Automatic Scuttle Submitter
Version 4.2
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The provide almost 200 links, ONLY 10% are really submitting and they dont have a support and if you paid via paypal you cant have a refund, because this is not a tangible product.
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